Silent Mice

Silent Mice I was so pleased to be invited to participate in the Literate Housewife’s December blog party, Baby It’s Cold Outside! I wrote and recorded a children’s story for the event. Click the mp3 below to listen: Silent Mice Written and read by Amy Rubinate Copyright © 2012 ...

Eating Poetry

Eating Poetry Have you ever listened to a poet read their poetry aloud? They almost never read with dramatic flair. It’s like watching a chef taste a half-cooked dish, slowly savoring every flavor while contemplating if it might need a pinch more cardamom, a dash of vanilla. Poetry is one of the rare things I love that I haven’t tried to turn into a career. It’s one of the few luxuries I allow my...

Father’s Day

Father’s Day I just bought the children’s book “Juliet Dove, Queen of Love” for my dad for Father’s Day. Yep, you heard me right: I bought a children’s book about a girl for my dad. It has all the earmarks of a family favorite: humor, insight, a comically quirky family, and little in-jokes we’d reference for years (like the fact that the poet father named his son Byron – we love that...

Dream Big

Dream Big I’ve always preferred big dogs. I spent my childhood tromping through the woods with my Golden Retrievers over streams and through thickets – the kind of hike a little dog might not have survived. I always considered little dogs yappy and annoying – that is, until I met Allie. Allie was a friend’s 4-pound Maltese, a sweet, scampering moppet of a dog. But she didn’t let her...

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